flawless makeup

Check out a few makeup tricks that guys love, and find out how to execute them perfectly. From the easiest way to do a subtle smoky eye to the right way to make your lips extra kissable, try these simple tricks to drive your guy crazy.

1. Curl Your Eyelashes

Even though most men say they prefer little to no eye makeup, there’s one thing that makes you look gorgeous without reaching for the eyeshadows and eyeliners. A soft curl in your eyelashes opens up your eyes and does wonders. Fake lashes might be too obvious, so another way to enhance the natural curb is to use just a touch of curling mascara, making sure that you’re not leaving behind any clumps.

2. Prepare Your Lips

A lot of guys appreciate the subtle glow of a lip gloss, but what they hate is the sticky feeling of gloss, almost as much as you leaving your lipstick behind on their face and even clothes. Get the perfect colors with extra staying power using one of the best makeup tricks that guys love. Layer a lip stain and a touch of lipstick, then finish off with another coat of stain so you minimize any smudging during your makeout sessions.

3. Go for the Simple Smoky Eye

While the smoky eye is the second best look in the opinion of many guys, after the natural one, you can easily go too far. Instead of using too much eyeshadow and going for a dramatic look, you can get a simpler version by using one or two shades of eyeliner and smudging them together.

4. Try Blue for More Alluring Eyes

Instead of sticking to black and brown or gray, one of the best makeup tricks that guys love is bringing blue into the mix. Whether you go for a little navy blue eyeliner or a brighter eyeshadow smudged with a darker shade, like gray or black, you can easily create a gorgeous look that brings out the best in your bedroom eyes.

5. Use Blush the Right Way

While a lot of blush can easily create a busy look that makes you look overdone, you shouldn’t ignore it completely. A soft pink or peach, applied with a little subtlety on your cheeks, can bring your whole look together, and make you look fresh-faced. Make sure that you match it with your foundation or tinted moisturizer for a natural finish.

6. Get Dewy Skin with Highlighter

One of the best makeup tricks that guys love is applying highlighter the right way, without overdoing it. Start with very little and apply it from the inner corner of your eyes, over the brow bone and finishing on the cheekbone. You can always layer it if it’s not enough, but removing it can be a big hassle. You can also add a touch of highlighter on the bridge of your nose.

7. Ditch the Heavy Duty Foundation

Even if you want a flawless complexion, you have to avoid the caked-on look that most guys simply hate. Focus on liquid products with light coverage, for both concealer and foundation. A BB cream or a tinted moisturizer might be enough. You’re better off using a concealer stick in order to just apply it on the exact spots where it’s needed.

8. Don’t Forget Your Cleavage

Use one of the best makeup tricks that guys love and enhance your cleavage with the help of shimmer powder or bronzer. The secret to making your cleavage look better is tracing a touch of shimmer in the shape of a capital T on your chest, but make sure that you stay away from visible glitter. For bronzer, apply it on the inside part of your breasts to make them look bigger.

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