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Discover the best spices and herbs for your skin and decide for yourself if you can make an excellent facial or cosmetic treatment at home based on the excellent skin care effects that these plants can provide.


Thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile is an excellent way to fight redness, itchiness and even swelling. Even if you have a cortisone cream in your medicine cabinet, simply make some chamomile tea, then apply the cooled down teabag on the problem area. It’s a great way to treat beard burn, and other skin issues that aren’t connected to a medical condition.


Used in traditional medicine to improve skin tone and reduce blemishes, ginger is one of the best herbs and spices for your skin. You can apply fresh ginger root directly on your skin if you’re having trouble with an uneven skin tone, or you can use more skin care products that include ginger extract in your beauty regimen.


Neither ginger not cinnamon are recommended for sensitive skin, but this spice also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Eating more cinnamon is great for a lot of reasons, since it can help reduce bad “LDL” cholesterol and promote circulation, which is very important for your skin. Cinnamon is also an ingredient in soaks and rubs, but you can use it yourself to fight acne by mixing a teaspoon of ground cinnamon with three teaspoons of honey and applying the mixture on the problem areas.


Unlike cinnamon, which warms the skin, peppermint has the opposite effect, which makes it one of the best herbs and spices for your skin. Because of its menthol content, peppermint can help cool down inflamed skin, and can also be used for pain relief when you’re dealing with sunburn. You can use peppermint oil for homemade facial masks or simply buy skin care products that have it listed as an ingredient. Peppermint can also help regulate oil production in oily skin.


If you’re dealing with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, cumin is also a spice that can help out. Cumin seed oil has excellent antimicrobial properties, and it’s also high in vitamin E, which is beneficial for your skin, so it can be used to complement prescription medication if you’re dealing with these skin issues.


Thanks to its astringent properties, lemongrass is an excellent ingredient in skin care products because it helps limit oil production, minimize pores, and also have a temporary firming effect on your skin. It’s one of the best herbs and spices for your skin because you can also benefit from its antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties by simply adding a few leaves in boiling water for an instant facial steam treatment.


Mixing nutmeg with honey is a very old skin treatment. The combination has an antiseptic effect, and it can be used to reduce acne scars, lighten or even out your skin tone, and also treat skin diseases like eczema.


One of the best herbs and spices for your skin, fennel root can help fight irritation and redness. Unlike other natural treatments, fennel won’t irritate sensitive skin, so it’s a great solution for all skin types. You can eat the seeds, use fennel essential oil for a facial massage or boil the seeds to get a natural toner.

Green Tea

Since it’s high in antioxidants, green tea doesn’t just do wonders for your skin when you drink it. Applying it on your skin can reduce sun spots, and also help your skin feel faster. You can also benefit from green tea serums or lotions when you’re out in the sun, but it doesn’t replace sunscreen, it just adds to it.


It’s one of the best herbs and spices for your skin, and by using lavender essential oil on your skin you’ll get an excellent soothing effect. This antiseptic plant also has anti-inflammatory benefits, and it can help reduce redness whether you’re dealing with acne or insect bites

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