It is a well-known fact by now that people are born with different body types, which make people look different, and unfortunately the body type cannot be changed through any methods, but, physical exercises can help improve the form of the body. There are a variety of exercises out there and choosing the right exercises for your body type is not easy. This is why we have selected some exercises which are perfect for your body type, as each body type is different and requires different workouts meant to deal with specific problems of each body type individually. Not all exercises work for everyone so make sure you determine your body type and the right exercises for you.

A great workout and most of all a suitable workout plan can help you improve the shape of your body, making you feel more confident and more proud of your body type. Nothing else can top feeling good in your own skin so here is how you can get in the best shape you have ever been:

For banana or athletic body types
The athletic or banana shaped body type has a more masculine vibe to it due to the way the body is proportioned. The waist is not by far narrower than the hips, creating a certain straight look, but a well proportioned look. However the lack of waist definition can pose a problem for most women and make them feel uncomfortable.
If so, your goal is to work out the body parts that you want to emphasize such as your shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs and chest. In order to do so you need to turn to gym equipment which can help you work all the targeted areas. This will help build muscle and help you “sculpt” your body to make it appear way more feminine. Choose the stepper, pilates, gym equipment and avoid jogging, dancing and gymnastics if possible.

For apple shaped body types
If you have an apple shapes body the shoulders and the chest area are much wider than the hips, creating an inverted triangle shape. The fat deposits more on the upper part of the body, creating a heavier look upwards. The great news about this body type is that you can easily get rid of the extra fat deposits by working out. Cardio exercises are best for you as well as swimming. Crunches can also help tone your abdomen but don’t go overboard with them. The joints are far more sensitive when it comes to apple shaped bodies so try not to put too much pressure on them.

For pear shaped body types
Women with a pear shaped body have a narrower waist and shoulders compared to the hips and thighs, helping create a triangle-shaped body. The fat tends to deposit on the lower part of the body creating a more voluptuous, curvy shape that seems to be highly popular right now. Unfortunately to sculpt your body type you will need more perseverance when it comes to your workout. Try to turn towards jogging, pilates and stretching exercises as they will help deal best with the “problems” of this body type. Avoid spinning classes as they will help define and increase the muscle mass in the lower part of the body, and this is something you definitely don’t need.

For hourglass body types
Women with an hourglass body type have the upper body almost equal to the lower body and a well-defined waist. The shape of this body type would be similar to two triangles facing inwards, this symmetry being preferred by most people. The great thing about this body type is that the fat deposited relatively uniform on the body, can be eliminated through exercising. The best exercises for your body type are the ones which include cardio as well as strength exercises. Go to the gym, turn to jogging as well as swimming and gymnastics.

In order for each workout plan to give best results a proper, well-balanced healthy diet is required as this combo is a definite path to success when it comes to a well toned and a well maintained body.


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