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Soul Scrollz premieres his debut EP Preclectiquette!

Preclectiquette is the 8-track, EP version of Eclectiquette, which is an album of 20+ songs! The term Eclectiquette was formulated by Soul Scrollz which is a fusion of the word’s ‘eclectic’ and ‘etiquette’, symbolizing the artist’s diversity and mastery of different genres of music as displayed on the project! Preclectiquette happens to be the artist’s debut project so the idea is to sensitize listeners with the different styles to expect in the future from the rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer in order to prevent confusion. So in other words when it comes to Soul Scrollz’s music, expect nothing, prepare for anything and anything will probably be EVERYTHING you can imagine classifiable as good music.

In an industry where everyone follows a trend and sound, this project is an example of experimentation and fusions that resulted in evidence that music permits freedom of expression and that one can still standout, be trendy, be diverse, be fresh, be new, be hip, be entertaining and educating all at the same time. Cutting across genres like afrobeat, jazz, pop, reggae, r&b, hip/hop, trap, gospel, rap, and dancehall, Preclectiquette was carefully put together to guarantee that every listener should have something that they can relate to and enjoy so sit back, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy as Soul Scrollz takes us on an amazing musical journey!

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1) Suitcase (Prod. by Tryz)

2) No friends ft. TopNotch Rimi & DanJay (Prod. by Endzone Beats)

3) Tell Em’ My Story (Prod. by Emperaw Beatz)

4) Unbelievable (Prod. by Endzone Beats)

5) Long Time (Prod. by Kayz Beats)

6) Jeje (Prod. by Kayz Beats)

7) EveryDay ft. Andy King & TopNotch Rimi (Prod. by Emperaw Beatz)

8) Gumbody ft. Soul Scrollz & AndyKing 

About Soul Scrollz:

Soul Scrollz is a rapper, singer, songwriter, spoken word act and instrumentalist. He prides himself in his ability to be versatile with rap and singing on different genres of music which is where he got his stage name from (Soul because of his style of singing, and Scrollz because of his intelligence and rap style). In 2014, Soul Scrollz started his own movement and Record Label Company called Emperaw Music with Music Producer/Brother, Emperaw Beatz and Sound Engineer, Andy King which birth the recording and production of his forthcoming album Eclectiquette, as well as his just released EP Preclectiquette! Soul Scrollz has since released singles Suitcase, 2016, What’s in Your Hands, Offshore (M.A.R.S), Nti (M.A.R.S), Small Celebration (M.A.R.S), Tell em’ My Story and has received massive rotation on radio, tv, and press!

He was the voice for Monster Muzik (Star FM 101.5) radio program and hosted a poetry/spoken word program for children ‘Vivid Verses’ as well as featured on the radio edition that airs on Metro 97.7FM every Saturday at 10:45am. Soul Scrollz and Emperaw Music also used their music to speak and raise awareness for a Black History Month HIV campaign in Canada, February 2017 with a song titled ‘Play Safe’.

Soul Scrollz’s aim is to showcase to the industry his versatility and his way of merging his experiences in music while living in Toronto, Canada with the Nigerian Sound cutting across Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and few other genres… He is definitely an artist whose voice you can’t forget!!!

Connect with Soul Scrollz:

Twitter: @SoulScrollz

Instagram: @soulscrollz

Facebook: Soul Scrollz Muzik

SoundCloud: Soul Scrollz

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