I decided to interview one of the sexiest male models in Nigeria for the hot month of August. This man will make all my ladies out there say my, oh my! I’ve been watching him for quite a time now and I must admit that he is doing great in the fashion industry and that his career is progressing well! Ladies and gents, I present to you our Model Of The Month, Kenneth Nwadike!

Kenneth Nwadike is a 23 year-old Lagos based model that was born and brought up in Onitsha Anambra state in Nigeria. He is an Office Technology and Management graduate of federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Imo State in Nigeria. He is not just a model! Within two years of a modeling career, he achieved to become Mister Campus in 2010Mister Imo state in 2011, Mister Fitness Africa and Model Of Africa in 2011 and Mister International Nigeria 2011.

Model Of Africa 2011

Model Of Africa finalists

A Winner with Style

Mister International 2011 Thailand

Crow magazine Thailand

With songstress Goldie

Here’s what Kenneth said to MrsHustle:

MrsHustle: What or who inspired you to become a model?

Kenneth:  Well I will say my friend back in university…he called me one day and said to me that I have what it takes to be the Mr campus of school..So I went for it and won the contest and since then I never looked back….

MrsHustle: Why do you like modeling?

Kenneth: I like modeling because it helps me express my inner most passion..and it defines beauty in its own way.

MrsHustle: Who has influenced you the most in your life?

Kenneth: I would say my influence comes from every up coming model I meet. Cos when I see them with their urge, I task myself to do more than I can. But aside that I respect my friend and colleague Uti Nwachukwu winner of Big Brother Africa All Stars.

MrsHustle: What is your passion?

Kenneth:  Fashion is my passion.

MrsHustle: Describe your fashion style

Kenneth: Simple but Stylish.

MrsHustle: Who is your fashion icon?

Kenneth: Brad Pitt.

MrsHustle: What do you like doing in your spare time?

Kenneth: I love acting and music and my hobbies are swimming, reading and playing basketball.

MrsHustle: Where do you like hanging out?

Kenneth: I love hanging out at the beach…with all the fresh breeze touching the skin and the view of the sea.

MrsHustle: You can’t live without?

Kenneth: I can’t live without the Word of God cos I love reading my Holy Bible daily ..I draw strength from it everyday and I advise my friends to do the same.

MrsHustle: What is your most favourite item in your wardrobe?

Kenneth: I love my hand accessories. I spend a lot of money on them.

MrsHustle: Who is your favourite fashion designer?

Kenneth:  I have worked with a lot of fashion designers and I believe they are all good…most of all, some are young and very creative. People might be expecting me to call names of well-known designers like D&G or Armani and so on…but trust me I have seen better ones here in my country, Nigeria. I will always respect Yomi Casual, a young and talented designer to watch out for.

MrsHustle: What do you think of Nigerian fashion and Nigerian designers?

Kenneth:  Fashion in Nigeria has taken a whole new look, unlike what I saw during my days of growing up as a child. These days I have seen more creativity and style in people’s sense of dressing. I love it so much that we are no longer trying to copy the american style of dressing and we are being creative in our own native wears now. As for the designers, I respect them a lot for their own creativity. They are the best in all they do and I wish them more grease to their elbow.

MrsHustle: What are your future aspirations?

Kenneth: To be recognised by all in existence as a model that made a difference. All my aspirations come from my passion and they will all surmount to success.

MrsHustle: What is your personal quote?

Kenneth: I always tell my friends and fans: “Do your best and leave the rest for God”.

A Bloke with Attitude

Photo Shoot for David Wej

Photo Shoot for David Wej

Photo Shoot for David Wej

Runway Master

Nigeria Fashion Week Dec 2011

Nigeria Fashion Week Dec 2011

Strike a Pose Pt.1

Strike a Pose Pt.2

Strike a Pose Pt.3

With measurements like  6ft 2″  height, 87kg weight, 34″ waist and 40″ chest, Kenneth‘s body is a sight to see. So you all watch out for Kenneth because he’s a determined and focused model with international career prospects and I’m sure this 2012 he won’t stop impressing  us with his work!

The Body Pt.1

The Body Pt.2

The Body Pt.3

The Body Pt.4

Peace out!

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