If you’re looking to draw attention or simply make them bigger, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the makeup tricks that do the job perfectly. Find out how to make your eyes the star of your look with these simple techniques.

Once you’ve mastered these easy makeup tips for bigger eyes, you’ll be able to incorporate them into your regular makeup routine or save them for special occasions, when you want a dramatic and gorgeous look.

1. Curl Your Eyelashes

An eyelash curler is a must have beauty tool if you want your eyes to seem bigger. Many women go too far with the curling, so make sure that you stick to the basics: once at the base of your lashes, and once at the middle of your eyelashes. Once you’ve got the perfect curl going on, you can move on to the other makeup tips for bigger eyes.

 2. Cover Dark Circles with Illuminating Concealer

Any darkness in the eye ares will make your peepers appear smaller, so don’t just apply any old concealer to cover any under eye circles. For the perfect look, try an illuminating concealer, that’s just a shade lighter than your skin color. Choose a warm shade, since it’s important for the concealer to cover any cool undertones in your skin.

3. Use Lighter Colors at the Inner Corners of Your Eyes

One of the classic makeup tips for bigger eyes, a little white at the inner corners of your eyes can do wonders for you look. If you’d rather not go for the extreme approach, choose lighter shades for that particular area, keeping the darker colors of eyeshadow limited to the crease area.

 4. Don’t Skip the Mascara on Your Lower Eyelashes

A good mascara is also very important for giving extra length and volume to your top lashes. Don’t put it away once they’re perfect, since the doe eyed look also needs a little volume and color on the bottom eyelashes. If black looks too harsh when used on your lower eyelashes, try a softer brown.

5. Try a Dark Eyeliner

The darker your eyeliner, the more your lashes will stand out, and that’s one of the makeup tips for bigger eyes that really helps. There should be no flesh-colored area between your lashes and the line you draw with eyeliner, so opt for a liquid or gel formula that can give between coverage with the help of a good brush. Pay attention to the width of the line as well, thinner towards the inner corners of your eyes, thicker towards the outer corners.

6. Use the Eyeliner on Your Lower Eyelashes Too

Whether you prefer a felt tip pencil eyeliner, a liquid or a gel, don’t stop when your upper eyelids look perfect. Apply a little eyeliner on your lower lashes. It’s important to have a softer line on your lower eyelashes, so use a cotton swab to make it less precise than your top eyelid lines.

 7. Apply Eyeshadow in the Most Flattering Way

Use one of the best makeup tips for bigger eyes and apply your eyeshadow for a truly flattering effect, that makes your eyes open up even more. Start by applying a darker shade of eyeshadow under the brow bone, apply it at the outer corners of your eyes as well, and join the two lines in a soft “V” or “U” shape.

8. Choose the Right Shadow Colors

In order to make your eyes seem bigger, your color choice should also be analyzed. Vibrant shades always make eyes open up. The most subtle way to get this effect is to go for silver, but a pop of color never hurts, whether it’s lavender or a light blue.

 9. Add a Touch of Shimmer

Going for an illuminating effect in your entire look is another great addition to the best makeup tips for bigger eyes. Whether you prefer a smoky eye or a softer look, go for colors that have a touch of shimmer without going too far into frosted territory.

10. Shape Your Eyebrows Correctly

If you’re not a fan of thicker eyebrows, then you’ll love this simple tip. Thinner eyebrows, or simply well-groomed brows definitely help in making your eyes seem bigger.

 11. Pair a Bold Lip with Natural Eyes

Once you’ve gone through all the makeup tips for bigger eyes and you don’t feel like most of them work for your makeup style, there’s one more trick you can try. If you prefer a more natural approach to your look, keep eye makeup simple and go for a bold lip.

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