For the month of September, I interviewed one of Nigeria’s top models. She is a true definition of what we call “supermodel”. She has covered several magazines, both in Nigeria and South Africa and has cat-walked for some of the best designers at both locations and even in the UK. Ladies and gents, I present to you our Model Of The Month, Tarmar Awobotu!

Tarmar Awobotu is a South Africa based model from Ijebu, Ogun State, Nigeria. She was born on 6th of August and she is a Leo. She has studied at the university of Lagos. The 24-year-old model is the winner of the Top Model Worldwide 2012 that was held in London. She had gone ahead of over 4000 girls who had applied from different countries to win the prize. With this, Tarmar becomes the first black woman to win the six-year-old competition. Organizers say Tarmar will feature in the London Fashion Week which holds in September 2012. She is also Tourism Ambassdor for Ogun State, Nigeria. She is presently signed on to one of the best model agencies in South Africa – Ice Model Management and she has been modeling for 10 years now.

Her credits of work done include: Top Billing magazine, Vogue magazine London, Multilinks Nigeria, Genevieve magazine Nigeria, Drum magazine, Glo cnn tc commercial, Maggi TV commercial, Gulder TV commercial, London Fashion Week, Nigerian Fashion Week, Arise Nigeria, Arise London, Arise South Africa, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week South Africa, South Africa Fashion Week, etc….

With height like 5″11 and vital statistics like B/32, W/23,5 and H/35,5, Tarmar is definitely ideal for a supermodel! What I personally like about Tarmar is her smile and long legs!

Here’s what Tarmar said to MrsHustle:

MrsHustle: What or who inspired you to become a model?

Tarmar: My aunt, she was always telling me that I was better than the models she sees in the magazines.

MrsHustle: Why do you like modeling?

Tarmar: It’s the best job anybody can have…I love it because it has to do with fashion.

MrsHustle: Who has influenced you the most in your life?

Tarmar: My mother.

MrsHustle: Describe your fashion style.

 Tarmar: I wear whatever makes me look good, as simple as possible but same time something that makes a statement.

MrsHustle: Who is your fashion icon?

 Tarmar: Beyonce. Her style is simple but classy.

MrsHustle: What’s your skin care routine?

Tarmar: Lol! I just wake up, take a bath and off I go!

MrsHustle: Which is you favourite makeup product?

Tarmar: Mac cosmetics.

MrsHustle: What do you like doing in your spare time?

 Tarmar: I like chatting with friends and go shopping.

MrsHustle: Where do you like hanging out?

Tarmar: I’d say in my house!

MrsHustle: You can’t live without?

Tarmar: My God.

MrsHustle: What is your most favourite item in your wardrobe?

 Tarmar: My Christian Louboutin shoes.

MrsHustle: Who is your favourite fashion designer?

 Tarmar: Versace and Zizi Cardow.

MrsHustle: What do you think of Nigerian Fashion and Nigerian designers?

Tarmar: They are simply the best, gone from nothing to SOMETHING!

MrsHustle: What are your future aspirations?

 Tarmar: I can’t dispense all!

MrsHustle: What is your personal quote?

Tarmar: Never give up!

MrsHustle: Thank you Tarmar!

Tarmar: Thank you too!

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