Victor Kwen Akomaye

For this month I interviewed one of Nigeria’s top male models,Victor Kwen Akomaye, popularly known as Kwen. Victor is a face to reckon with in the modeling industry. He walks the runway like he owns it!

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Victor who lives by his name “Victorious” has been one of the most recognized faces in the modeling industry. He is a 23-year-old Lagos-based model from Cross River State, Nigeria. He was born on 5th of July and he is cancer.Victor has been modeling for four years and is represented byIsis Models, Nigeria. He is always designer’s favorite when it comes to style, attitude and putting justice in their outfit.

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Mr. Runway at the Model of Africa 2011

His recognitions/awards include:

Finalist at Runway Dreams Model 2009 search in South Africa,finalist at Mr. Nigeria world 2010, 2nd runner-up and Mr. Runway at the Model of Africa 2011 Male Pageant, voted Face of FAB Magazine in 2011/2012, nominated at the Nigerian Models Achievers Awards 2012 as Most Outstanding Runway Model and at the Fab Magazine Awards 2012 as Best Male Model Of The Year, which makes Victor one of the Top 10 models in Nigeria.

Victor is a “show killer” with great attitude that can stun anybody while on the runway craft Victor Kwen Akomaye is the runway king!

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Victor Kwen Akomaye

His credits of work done include:


Victor Kwen Akomaye

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2011/2012, Lagos Style Week 2011, Nigeria Fashion Week 2011, NNSM Fashion Show 2011,MTN Fashion Week 2012, Music Meets Runway 2011/2012,advertising campaign shoot for Music Meets Runway 2012, Trendy Culture Abuja 2012, Keto Couture Show 2012, Lagos Black Heritage Festival Fashion Week 2012.


Victor Kwen Akomaye

AIZEN a visual story by Obi Somto

Victor Kwen Akomaye

tw Magazine shoot

Victor Kwen Akomaye

StyleMania Magazine shoot

StyleMania Magazine, Fab Magazine, tw Magazine,BlackGold Magazine, Aizen (a visual story by Obi Somto) and lots of other shoots.

The designers he has modelled for include:

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Tayror Gabriels

Victor Kwen Akimaye

Orange Culture

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Orange Culture

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Taryor Gabriels, Orange Culture (Face of Orange Culture for 2010),Homegrown (Face of Homegrown 2011), Deola Sagoe, Emmy Collins, Modela Couture, Buki Akib, Mai Atafo, and Okunoren Twins.

His measurements are: 6’2″ height, 39 chest, 33 waist, 44 shoe.

Victor Kwen Akomaye

Here’s what Kwen said to MrsHustle:

MrsHustle: What or who inspired you to become a model?

Kwen: My mum, who taught me a lot about style and how to carry myself.

MrsHustle: Why do you like modeling?

Kwen: It’s my own way of expressing how I feel.

MrsHustle: Who has influenced you the most in your life?

Kwen: My mum!

MrsHustle: What is your passion?

Kwen: Fashion ofcos.

MrsHustle: Describe your fashion style

Kwen: Vintage.

MrsHustle: Who is your fashion icon?

Kwen: My dad.

MrsHustle: How often do you work out?

Kwen: 3 times a week.

MrsHustle: What do you like doing in your spare time?

Kwen: I like chatting and listening to music.

MrsHustle: Where do you like hanging out?

Kwen: At the beach.

MrsHustle: You can’t live without?

Kwen: My family!

MrsHustle: What is your most favourite item in your wardrobe?

Kwen: My shoes.

MrsHustle: Who is your favourite fashion designer?

Kwen: Okunoren twins.

MrsHustle: What do you think of Nigerian fashion and Nigerian designers?

Kwen: They are  not getting there because they are there already!

MrsHustle: What are your future aspirations?

Kwen: Become an ambassador or a fashion designer 🙂

MrsHustle: What is your personal quote?

Kwen: Wait for no one.

MrsHustle: Thank you Kwen!

Kwen: Thank you too MrsHustle!


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Victor Kwen Akomaye

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