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False information about sex is available everywhere now. In the papers, your bedroom, on the streets. If you had the same doubts and had plans of asking them out loud, here are a few less embarrassing way to dispel all doubts.
1. Size matters: Is it a universal law that what’s bigger has to be better? Do you feel the intensity of your pleasure depends on the size of his organ? Wrong. Only about 4 centimetres (external one-third) of the vaginal canal contains sensory nerves for arousal and orgasms. So why waste time trying to stimulate the internal two-thirds of the vaginal canal when there’s not going to be any response? Focus your attention to more important matters, women!

2. Love foods or aphrodisiacs will get you “tingly”: Pigging out on oysters and strawberries to spice up your sex life? Sorry to break your bubble women, it’s nothing but a placebo effect. As in, if people believe oysters and chocolate are supposed to be sexually stimulating foods, they very well might become aroused after consuming them. Aphrodisiacs have no provable effect on the libido.

3. Men think more about sex than women: Don’t blame the sex game on the men. Women think about sex as much as a man does. If you’re an 18-year-old with raging hormones then there are chances you might be sleeping, eating and dreaming sex. After a certain age, men and women’s sexual urges mellows a bit. And it’s a complete no-no to weigh out sexual prowess. To each man his own. This also doesn’t mean that only men make the first move for sex. Women do too! And nothing can be more turning on for the man than a woman in control.

4. The withdrawal method won’t get you knocked up: All it takes is a tiny sperm to get you pregnant. And that can happen through pre-ejaculation also. Most pregnancies happen because of the withdrawal method. This isn’t a fool-proof plan so heads up!

5. Women don’t like porn: Not all women want rose petals on their bed. And not all women want to be whisked away into a gentle world of “love-making”. Women enjoy pornography too. And if anyone thought only men can conjure up fantasies, then you are definitely misguided.

6. You won’t get pregnant if you have sex while menstruating: Wrong! This is a long-standing myth that most people believe in. It is unlikely that a woman will get pregnant while menstruating but not impossible. Sperms can stay alive inside you for several days, especially if you have a shorter cycle.

7. An orgasm for women is supposed to be earth shattering and if not so, you’re not normal: Myth, myth and 100% myth. Some women have orgasms and don’t know about it. Pelvic muscles don’t contract as much for some women however after a point of arousal they do feel relaxed and content. So if he failed to “rock” your world, then don’t panic. You’re still very normal.

8. Every woman has a G-spot: The alluring mystery of the G-spot. Yes, it’s true every woman has a G-spot, but not every woman’s G spot is an erogenous zone. So if you’ve been on a quest to find out the sweet spot, then you’re wasting your time. Focus on the other erogenous zones. She’d be so much happier!

9. If she doesn’t make pleasure noises, then she’s not enjoying the sex: Some women are vocal, some are not. This doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying it. Don’t expect her to scream out all the time. We know it’s an ego boost for you, boys. But it just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, silence is golden.

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