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Makeup is a girls best friend as it can transform the look of a person in minutes, using cosmetic products which suit the complexion perfectly. Learning how to create a winged eyeliner makeup can help you achieve a fabulous look which is wrapped around in elegance, refinement and style.

The way the makeup is applied can make all the difference between a fabulous look or a makeup disaster, as people have different facial features, which need to be emphasized or concealed in a way which will help enhance the natural beauty without creating an artificial look.

Women have always looked adorable whenever a natural look was adopted this is why minimal makeup is timeless and will never go out of style. The winged eyeliner makeup is a very simple, yet elegant makeup which can suit all eye shapes and which can enhance beauty without using a heavy makeup. Sometimes less is more and this is exactly the case of this type of makeup.

Because learning to create a winged eyeliner makeup might seem difficult, we have put together the basic steps of this makeup style, steps which are meant to ease your work and ensure you look gorgeous every time:

Start by cleansing your complexion to remove any oil or dirt which might cover your skin as dirt and makeup can penetrate the pores and cause breakouts which everyone should try to avoid as best as possible. A mild cleanser should be sufficient to cleanse your skin.

Moisturize your skin using a hydrating cream and conceal any blemishes which might stand out using your favorite concealer. Apply a matte foundation which matches your skin tone perfectly in order to obtain a flawless look. If you are looking for a perfectly smooth finish apply translucent powder over the foundation to set it and make it appear more velvety.

Take your favorite black eyeliner whether liquid, gel, or cream whatever suits your style and try to adopt a position which will allow you to see what you are doing when tracing the line. You can do this by positioning your mirror lower so you can see and work at the same time. This will help you create a similar line for both eyes as this is essential. Make sure to follow the curvy path of your waterline to determine where exactly to create the winged liner. Make a tiny mark to which the wing will start and trace the line towards the mark or the other way around on your upper lid. Use your eyeliner to unite the wing with the outer corner point of your upper lid to define the look and get the perfect finish.

Use your eyeliner and fill in any gaps of color to get a nice even line. To make the line appear darker you can use an angled brush to apply a black colored eyeshadow which will make the black look as jet black.

Apply false eyelashes or just coat your own lashes using a black colored mascara to give that fabulous dense and curled lashes look.

Define your cheekbones using blush and apply a red lipstick or a lip color which you think suits you best. You can even choose a natural lip color for a more natural effect.

This look is perfect for formal as well as casual-chic occasions so practice until you master this makeup style and wear it as often as you wish. Choose a hairstyle and outfit to match the style of your makeup so you can look fabulously stylish every single time.

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