According to Sesan Adeniji, publisher of Mystreetz magazine:

‘The face value of the Nigerian music industry has continued to sweep the audience off their feet in recent times. The glitz and glamour, the easy access to Nigerian music and the high speed  at which information travels within the industry, is mind blowing but whatever this industry is or will become is as a result of the effort from several great individuals who worked tirelessly in the past to set a foundation for what this industry was to become.

Today, Music is easily accessible on blogs, but there were days where all we had was vinyl, Cartridge, Cassette before the Mini/Compact disc and the MP3 era. Today as well, we have A-list artists, producers, music video directors, entertainment journalists to mention a few entertainment heads running the industry but we can’t forget the fact that we once had great men of extra-ordinary virtue in this field who drew the blueprint for the industry today and  It is time to reminisce.

The last issue of the magazine tagged The ILL-BO PHENOMENON- The journey of the Igbo artistes to mainstream in the Nigerian music industry, was very insightful. A very important aspect of our history the music lovers need to know about. This edition is another integral part of the Nigerian music history that needs to be shared. It is time to Reminisce about the Yoruba factor that contributed to the growth of Hip-hop music in Nigeria. This is an analysis of all the Yoruba factors that contributed to the growth of other music genres the Nigerian audience has enjoyed in the early years before the Hip-hop generation. it is time to Reminisce about the contribution of all the Yoruba puppet masters and entertainers that held the industry spellbound . The contributions of the likes of  Bobby Benson, Fela, I.K. Dairo, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Dean Disi, Keji Okunowo of CBS Record, Laolu Akins, Paul play, Eldee, Mode 9, Sound Sultan, DJ Jimmy jatt, Kenny Ogungbe and the Olamide and Reminisce of today’s music industry. This is not just a story, this is a rough draft of the history of the Nigerian music industry’.

At Mystreetz magazine, we just don’t write amazing stories, we share history with you.

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Cover photograph by August Udoh

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