Here’s the video clip for “Always Pray For You” by Chocolate City‘s recently signed act, Nosa! Directed by AK One. Enjoy!

NOSA’s love for music began as a member of the children’s church choir. As his passion grew, so did his interest in music production and song writing. NOSA soon graduated from writing a few lines here and there to recording full-fledged tracks, experimenting with various forms of music – gospel, highlife, R&B and jazz. His ability infuse various local languages with attractive melodies has carved him a niche sound that cannot be replicated. NOSA was also featured in Elajoe‘s track titled “Mr. Power Moves” before he got signed to Chocolate City (download and listen to “Mr. Power Moves” HERE). Today, as a devoted and full-time Minister, his songs continue to inspire many with words of hope and promote awareness to incite change.

Follow him on Twitter @nosaomoregie

He is a true talent! We wish him all the best in his career!

MrsHustle Magazine Team

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  1. angelima

    <3 hi " mrshustle music at video " that music need your lyrics for all music we would like that for all of us who ever cant hear your song in music ..thank you ..blessed be & amen

  2. Bigg Gunner Khaleef

    congratulations!at last someone has noticed this great talent that i have admired his song since about a year ago,i stumbled on this song on a friends phone and didnt even know this guys name but i knew he got talent.


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