Some call him the hottest Naija US based artist, some call him the hardest working Naija US based artist, but what ever you choose to call him, definitely USA, Maryland based artist Tolu Oluwole aka TOLU  PLAYAR is sure to be reckon with. Following his just released massive new single “Turn Up” produced by Fliptyce. Tolu Playar decides to share with fans some of his pics/fashion sense.

Tolu Playar wants fans in Naija/around the world to get familiar with him for the year 2014 and expect more hits and new videos. Attached is the just released single  TURN UP. Fans should follow Tolu Playar on twitter @teeplayar, on Instagram @rockstar_toluplayar, you can also listen to “Turn Up” here.
Expect new video and guest feature acts from Tolu Playar for the year 2014.
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