You can’t go wrong with displays of elegance, classicism and well placed color touches. The fall-winter 2012-2013 handbag collection put together by luxury label Yves Saint Laurent is one of the clearest examples of this well established idea and comprises a variety of fun alternatives.

An interesting dynamics can be observed in some of the most important collections from luxury labels. The brands have chosen to leave statement making aside for a bit and focus instead on delivering versatile modern options we’ll love wearing season after season. Keeping current while also being able to adapt the accessories to a variety of outfits is truly the best of both worlds, which means that the newest sets of offerings are bound to enjoy quite a lot of popularity in the upcoming months.

The Yves Saint Laurent label has provided a variety of classy accessory designs over the years and the tendency is well reflected in the new season collection as well. From day-to-day handbags to gorgeous evening clutches, the entire collection is designed with versatility in mind. With a variety of colorful designs available which can easily become strong points of interest for a multitude of looks, the functional touch of the designs is not immediately apparent. As it is well highlighted throughout the collection, functional doesn’t have to mean plain.

Subtle gradient tones, the ultra luxurious and extremely classy exotic textures and a perceivable sense of minimalism well-directed towards making only the most relevant style elements stand out are the main characteristics of the collection. The color is the main form of artistic creativity expression and the label makes clever use of some of the most interesting tones for the new season in order to ensure maximum style impact. The timeless allure blended with clear luxury cues proves once again a fabulous combo which draws a multitude of admiration-filled looks.

The fabulous selection of less practical yet equally gorgeous clutches is also interesting to analyze given the strong division between casual options and evening only alternatives. The same minimalism becomes immediately apparent and the metallic accents are the perfect element to complement the uber cute styles presented as alternatives. Whether you like to go for simple pops of color, prefer a metallic vibe with classy touch or can’t resist a little sheen, the label has options to help you fulfill your needs.

Photo courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

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