These 5 ways to turn her on will have her thinking that you have perfected her body. If you want to be known as the man who can rock her world try out these ways to turn her on each time you’re in the mood and looking for a night of uninhibited sex.

1. Let your hands do the magic

Before you even begin to have sex you should make her at least orgasm once by simply using your hands. This method will take you to pay attention to what you’re doing and the body reactions you get from your partner. Use your finger to gently massage the clitoris in a circular manner, watch how her body reacts to certain movements so you can tell what she likes and dislikes.

2. Bring out the oils

There is nothing more sexy and sensual then a full body massage with warm oils. Make sure you pay attention to areas not normally massaged, for example when she is laying on her stomach start with her shoulders and move down slowly, when you reach her butt massage longer than the other areas, making sure not to turn it to something sexual too quickly. Make sure you completely relax her body first. Once fully relaxed the touches turn into touches that will turn her on and excite her.

3. Let her know she is your top priority

Turn off your cell or any other line of communication to turn her on and let her know her time with you is about just her and nothing else matters.

4. Use body language

Make sure you keep eye contact with your woman when you’re talking to her. Lightly touch her arm, stroke her hair, or simply do light little touches here and there. This let’s a woman know you are into her and will quickly turn her on.

5. Whisper into her ear

In public settings whispering into her ear naught situations or things you want to do with her will get her engines going. She is bound to be turned on in anticipation with all the things you want to do with her body.


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