natural makeup

Getting a flawless, natural-looking makeup can be a rather tricky business. Anyway, if you are trying to avoid the not-so-cool and totally unaesthetic caked-on face, you should definitely try a clean and super-fresh look. Well, in order to achieve the effortless aspect, just take a peek at these easy natural makeup tips! This way, with only a few tricks you’ll be able to obtain the minimalist and seriously lovely effect in no time. Therefore, if you’re ready, let’s start and have some fun!

One essential step whenever wanting to obtain an effortless, au naturel makeup is to prepare your face. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin is crucial. So, make sure you don’t skip it! The result strongly depends on this! Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type in order to get a silk, smooth complexion.

Okay you girls, so we all face skin imperfections! Still, it seems that there are also a few blessed among us having an almost flawless complexion. If you enter into this category, you can easily skip this step. Concealer and foundation. Yes, if you have no skin issues to camouflage, you can simply apply some tinted moisturizer. It will even and refresh you skin!

On the other hand, those struggling with different problems should use a concealer in order to cover certain flaws. Still, in this case too, the ‘less is more’ rule totally works. Under these circumstances, apply it only on blemishes, around the nostrils and under the eyes.

Oh how we love foundation! It is the ultimate savior in times of complexion crisis. Nevertheless, don’t forget that too much or the wrong shade can ruin everything. Well, who loves orange faces? Or, even worse, a mask effect? Therefore, pay attention to the color and texture and apply it perfectly so you avoid all visible lines. Use a sponge!

For a natural look, it is not necessary to apply foundation on the entire face but only on the areas with issues. That’s why we have to be very careful when choosing the color. Also, keep in mind that natural skin is not matte, therefore it is important to use a creamy or liquid product.

For a liquid formula foundation you can use two dome-shaped brushes. Use the first one to apply the product and the second one to remove the excess.

Natural-looking blushing looks lovely and extremely sexy. Therefore, invest in a good powdered bronzer and apply it on the forehead, under the cheekbones and under the jaw. Oh-so-flirty! You can also use a creamy blush and apply it on the apples of the cheeks using just your fingers. A sheer creamy blush can totally do the trick!

Next on the list are your eyes. First of all, make sure your eyebrows are naturally groomed. You don’t need an eyeliner, just a mascara and you can even curl your lashes. Well, if you need to define your eyes, choose a liner in earthy tones, browns or grays.

As a final step, apply a lip balm or a gloss close to your natural skin-tone. You could also choose light pink or beige or even something a little bit darker than your skin.

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