1. Apply Bold Color

There’s power in your pout. One study showed that both red and pink lipstick hold a man’s attention for five seconds longer than a neutral lip. But a high-impact hue has to feel right to you. Experiment with different shades of crimson and fuchsia, and combine it with a subtle, smoky eye.

2. Find the Perfect Stretch

What separates knock-’em-dead jeans from everyday denim comes down to fit: snug and sexy but not too tight. As a stylist, I suggest pairs with between 2 percent and 4 percent Lycra for a close, easy shape on your body.

3. Start With a Spike

Whether you slip into delicate T-straps or shapely pumps, never underestimate what added height (at least 3 inches) can do. The higher the heel, the sexier you’ll feel. Wearing heels changes your posture, how you stand, and even the way you walk.

4. Customize Your Curves

When it comes to turning up the heat, a tailor can be a miracle worker. Consider a sheath, like this marigold one on Blake Lively. A few alterations can accentuate the bust, waist, and hips, giving you a day-to-night dress that’s not so much about showing skin as it is about highlighting your shape. A belt (thin or wide) adds more definition.

5. Work on Your Wink

Fluttery fringe on the red carpet, as seen on Eva Longoria, is often achieved with false eyelashes or extensions. For lusher lashes on your own, use these three tips: Begin with a primer. Gently heat your lash curler with a blow-dryer before crimping. Finally, brush on waterproof mascara. It acts as a sealer to keep lashes curled.

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