1. Use colorful eyeliners

That doesn’t mean you should go ahead and use all the colors together. Just switch from your black eyeliner to some new colors like bottle green, pale blue and lavender.A black eyeliner may accentuate your eyes to a limit, but they make them look small. And for small faces, that’s a complete no-no. Not only that, colored eyeliner will also keep the fun in your makeup alive.

2. Use natural Aloe Vera gel to avoid rashes

So many ladies walk right out with a disgusted look, just a few minutes after shaving or waxing,. How can we possibly guess that they’ve shaved? We can see that fresh redness all over their hands, legs and even eyebrows, in case they’ve been tweezed! A unique and rare pre makeup tip you wouldn’t know is to apply Aloe Vera gel all over all freshly waxed or shaved skin. This will reduce rashes and ready your skin for makeup.

3. Use non-shimmery lip balms over a matte lip color

The whole point of using matte lipstick is to keep lips non-shiny and dulled out right? That’s true, but this is one tip you wouldn’t have heard before. The reason why you must apply a non-luscious lip balm over matte lip colors is because after few hours of application, matte shades tend to dry out and make lips look chapped out. To have your matte color last from 9 to 9, use this makeup tip.

4. Highlight cheeks according to the time of the day

Apply 2-3 even strokes of blush with a wide surfaced brush on your cheeks in the daytime so that minimum color variations can be spotted. Add one more layer of a deeper shade of the same color by afternoon or early evening. By nighttime, dust specially frosted blush on your skin to give that touch of glamor. The secret of this rare and unique makeup tip lies in following the time of the day.

5. Apply a mix of mascaras

Did you ladies know of this rare makeup tip about applying mascara? If not, then brace yourself to get a great set of lashes. To make your lashes look drool worthy, apply one coat of special lengthening mascara, and then top it up with one coat of thickening mascara. You might see clump starting to form, but you can remove them with an unused mascara wand.

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