Soul Scrollz 2016 Whats In Your Hands front cover

Emperaw Music presents rapper, singer, songwriter, spoken word act and instrumentalist, Soul Scrollz, with his new double single, titled ‘2016’, produced by Emperaw Beats and ‘What’s In Your Hands’, produced by Geega. This is the second double single off his forthcoming EP called ‘Eclectiquette’.

Ushering the new year in with good music, good pronouncements, good vibes is what ‘2016’ is all about. Soul Scrollz after releasing his debut single ‘Suitcase’ that was widely accepted everywhere as a Reggae jam, drops this Afro/R&B jam, produced by Emperaw Beats, to show again his versatility and his strong belief in God and the progress of the country of Nigeria! Feel good music that should have everybody grooving and encouraged in anticipation of the blessings that 2016 holds. ‘Baba God nah your hand’!!!!

‘What’s In Your Hands’
Always carrying a message, this sizzling brief but hot freestyle was thrown down as a reminder of the lyrical skills of Soul Scrollz. Produced by Geega, it expresses his views on what he wants to get done with his music and serves as a reminder to his fans that they have been equipped and/or surrounded with every resource they need to make an impact. With hardcore lyrics, a ferocious delivery rap lovers will definitely enjoy this one.

Listen and download Soul Scrollz – ‘2016’ on Hulkshare

Listen and download Soul Scrollz – ‘2016’ Instrumental on Hulkshare

Listen and download Soul Scrollz – ‘What’s In Your Hands’ on Hulkshare

Soul Scrollz 2016 Whats In Your Hands back cover

About Soul Scrollz:

Soul Scrollz is a rapper, singer, songwriter, spoken word act and instrumentalist. He prides himself in his ability to be versatile with rap and singing on different genres of music which is where he got his stage name from (Soul because of his style of singing, and Scrollz because of his intelligence and rap style). He released his first singles, titled ‘Give it to me’ and ‘Iwolomo’ as part of a dynamic rap duo (D’Royals) in 2010 featuring Sheyman and since then began work as an individual act with known acts including Capital Femi, Saeon and underground producers/artists including Charlie X, Geega, 4diesel, Andy King, 2Scarce, Enigma, LFR (La Familia Royale) and a few others. In 2013, he dropped a single, titled ‘TGT’ feat. Pyro Dunamo, Rishiko Black, and Lord Suave and later had the video shot by Sesan and released on youtube in 2014. He is the current voice for Monster Muzik (Star FM 101.5) radio program and hosts a poetry/spoken word program for children ‘Vivid Verses’ as well as features on the radio edition that airs on Metro 97.7FM every Saturday at 10:45am. Currently working on a EP, titled ‘Eclectiquette’, Scrollz hopes to showcase to the industry his versatility and his way of merging his experiences in music while living in Toronto, Canada with the Nigerian Sound cutting across Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and few other genres… He is definitely an act to watch out for!!!

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Omo no more sleeping
Cuz of heights we go dey reach oh
(Oh oh oh- oh oh oh)

Me and you we go celebrate
Because we got the victory
(Oh oh oh- oh oh oh)

Baba God nah your hand (3x)

E dey Inna your hand
Baba God nah your hand (3x)

We dey inna your hand
Baba God nah your hand (3x)

I dey inna your hand
Baba God nah your hand (3x)

Verse 1:
It’s a new year (Ye Ba)
So I’m putting on a new step
Doing what I, doing what I gotta do yea
With Baba God I go never lose yea (eh eh)

It’s a new year
So I’m putting on a new step
Doing what I, doing what I gotta do yea
No be me Baba God nah you eh (eh eh)

Everything weh these hands of mine go touch must turn to gold
Everywhere my blessings dey
This my leg must carry me go
Bad eye weh dey watch me since
This year dey go start to close (2x)

(repeat chorus)

Verse 2:
January to December
Everything weh I hustle for go dey enter (ye ba)
Baba God dey on my side so forever I go shine like I did on this instrumental
Me, me family, me friend dem
Bad belle we see dem but we no send em
We no care about the time Nigeria we go rise show our enemies the ghen ghen

(repeat Refrain and Chorus) repeat chorus (2x)

‘What’s In Your Hands’

Intro: Ah who dat
Chant: Who come be the devil weh go tell me don’t ball?

Been a while since I done something like this
But a nigga ain’t lost touch
So keep thinking you can do what I do how I do, care to prove and you find out you fucked up
When you laugh at my back I don’t see but I hear so it’s wack that you act tryna chop knuckle
So no dey vex if you ask for a ride to the crib and I gree then I leave you at the bus stop
You dey see me like pikin?
Hear flow, hear rhythm
You get dough lets listen
Lets go, lets get this (2x)
Rappers claiming they hot when I drop on the spot they get cold, go home, go shiver
All talk no ginger
They claim they got guts no liver
I’m chilling but I ain’t here to hang out
Tryna get feedback from tracks I bang out
Flames in the bag these tapes I hand out
So unique so when I stand up I stand out
Geega man this beats just nuts
So i’m going in till the speakers buss
Year running out but omo me must touch
Everything for me that was ordained by God
Just took off from a flight deck
No Earth to try landing
So many years I’ve been planning
The speech when award gets handed
Nigeria’s number one rapper
Straight face no pose for the cameras
Just getting started my number one anthem
Came too far for the boy to look backward
Go too hard for the crowd to stop chanting
Pray to God and he give me directions to all of life’s questions He’s given us answers
Even God says don’t grind, don’t eat
Naija hard but omo gba gbe oshi
Niggas want grow where they never sow seed
Whether rich or poor man this life no free
Everything that I have in my hands
Tryna leave em so deep in the sand
That when they take root and they stand
Even when a nigga gone I’ll be feeding the land
It should be a crime to dream big and move so small
Then be in a bar, drinking and dancing listening to Wizkid sing don’t dull
When my dad made it no net, no calls
Who come be the devil weh go tell me don’t ball? (2x)

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