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Emperor Music presents rapper, singer, songwriter, spoken word act and instrumentalist, Soul Scrollz, with his debut single ‘Suitcase’, which was produced by Kay Piano. This is the first single off his forthcoming EP called ‘Eclectiquette’.

‘Suitcase’ is a cool and soothing reggae love song with wonderful lyrics. When a relationship going so well, experiences some major obstacles (cheating) and one partner feels like there is no way forward and the culprit is guaranteed that there is no future without his lover, he has no choice but to beg. Trying to revive a relationship that seems already packed by reminding the lover that we live in an imperfect world and that a man is bound to err. This song will touch a lot of hearts and reunite a lot of bonds that seemed already broken. Enjoy this ear candy!

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‘Suitcase’ Lyrics:


Verse 1:

All the promises we made to each other

We’re supposed to meet our mothers

Baby look inna mi eyes and tell me that the tears that you cried

Superceed the good times yea


So whatever dem ah talk mi nuh badda

Dem never see what we see when we together

All the fussing and the fighting

Seperating made us tight

Ah yuh mi want inna mi life



Girl this thing we call love

Is a battle field

Is a battle field


And we won’t give up

Until the end we’ll forever be

That’s what i told you and what you told me



You know no man’s perfect

Gyal i never ever meant to hurt yuh

Even though sometimes i tell you not to stay

The minute you no dey

Be like say i dey craze

So incomplete i feel afraid


Been so long so

Giving up now just ain’t worth it

Baby girl i’m down on my knees

Begging you please

Give me another chance

To be a better man and just



Unpack that Suitcase

Baby girl unpack that suitcase (2x)


Na na na

Singing na na na na na

Na na na na na

Singing na na na na na


Verse 2:

Every time we break up

And we make up

Then we make love

And i wake up

And i think of where we came from


I can tell we getting stronger (2x)


Baby girl i swear i’m never leaving

Cuz this feeling

That i’m feeling

When you’re with me

Gives me healing

And i need it


Everyday to be stronger (2x)

(Repeat Chorus and Hook)


Verse 3:

I could choose to hold on to you every day

Or let you go and hold on to the memory

But I’m too old to be young

To think that letting go makes me strong

When you’ve done me no wrong girl


Nah you make me sing song weh dey elevate

You’re the one i think of when i meditate

But i’m too wise to be a fool

To lie to myself that i can do without you



About Soul Scrollz:

Soul Scrollz is a rapper, singer, songwriter, spoken word act and instrumentalist. He prides himself in his ability to be versatile with rap and singing on different genres of music which is where he got his stage name from (Soul because of his style of singing, and Scrollz because of his intelligence and rap style). He released his first singles, titled ‘Give it to me’ and ‘Iwolomo’ as part of a dynamic rap duo (D’Royals) in 2010 featuring Sheyman and since then began work as an individual act with known acts including Capital Femi, Saeon and underground producers/artists including Charlie X, Geega, 4diesel, Andy King, 2Scarce, Enigma, LFR (La Familia Royale) and a few others. In 2013, he dropped a single, titled TGT feat. Pyro Dunamo, Rishiko Black, and Lord Suave and later had the video shot by Sesan and released on youtube in 2014. He is the current voice for Monster Muzik (Star FM 101.5) radio program and hosts a poetry/spoken word program for children ‘Vivid Verses’ as well as features on the radio edition that airs on Metro 97.7FM every Saturday at 10:45am. Currently working on a EP, titled ‘Eclectiquette’, Scrollz hopes to showcase to the industry his versatility and his way of merging his experiences in music while living in Toronto, Canada with the Nigerian Sound cutting across Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and few other genres… He is definitely an act to watch out for!!!


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