Hommicide   Rep Mine

Here’s the video clip for the latest track by Hommicide, titled “Rep Mine”.

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The Name, The Man, The Acronym… Hommicide (Hungry. Or. Money-Making. I. Decide). From January 2008 til the present Hommicide has dropped mixtape after mixtape and has shown and proven his voice, flow, and artistic capabilities in a lane which he created himself, which landed him the title “The Hardest Artist”.


No other Rapper/MC that claims to be the “Hardest” can give it to you like Hommicide can. And that’s in a broad spectrum ranging from concepts, voice tone, delivery, style, substance, and flow. You get something new with every song he gives you.

For example, “The Kidd”, he gives you a gritty and lyrical assault in comparison to “Swing My Way”, where he lightly bounces over the track catering to his female audience. These songs and more is why he earned the award of Philly’s Best New Artist in 2009. After releasing his first big single “Bout Dat” ft. Bad Boy artist E.Ness in 2011-12. Hommicide is ready to reach even more milestones in his career. Be on the lookout for new music coming soon.

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