StoneCash Entertainment in conjunction with Str8buttah presents Deck with the single “Ife” featuring Deni Yanda.

The single was produced by Gray Jon’z.

Listen, download, share, enjoy!

Deck, a member of the Hip Hop collective, Str8buttah, delves heartily in a song that artistically narrates on the theme “love”, a direct interpretation to the song title.

Chorus:[Deni Yanda]

Ife, Ife ooo, lo n mu mi dunu o ohu oo
Ife, Ife o, lo n pami loti o…

Verse 1: [Deck]

Yo’ yo’ yo’ hey yo’ around the block, I met a pretty little thing
Love at first sight, she was fresh and clean
She blew my mind away, she’s beauty at its peak
dressed to kill, the finest thing i’ve seen all week
and yeah, she make me feel like winning a jackpot
and right now, she be making my heart pop
I’d slay a thousand dragons to save my little princess
Femme-fatale and now she’s sparking my interest
and when I rhyme, I get mad love from her
my mind stimulates, penetrates from afar
poems and riddles, and then she starts to giggle
one touch leads to another, we deep between the middle
strolling down the hood with my beautiful miss
her skin smooth like silk, her lips taste like milk
when I look her in the eyes, i get caught in the mix
and all dem other girls know they can’t mess with my chic, love’

-Chorus repeat x1 [Deni Yanda]-

Verse 2: [Deck]

Burning desire, ain’t no ordinary love like SADE
on my way, travelling beyond stars in space
her beauty is similar to Nefartiti
the way she took my heart, carved out, wonderful feeling
so amazing, I feel like I’m on a space-ship
gliding through the milky way, my heart’s pacing
taking me together on an odyssey
I see colors, bright light dispersing white light
and then we cuddle together under the moonlight
she’s like a goddess, sent to take me away
so incredible, to another dimension
like a fairy-tale, my words i could barely say
am speechless, in her presence I feel defenceless
she’s pure essence, without her it’s like a death sentence
love potion, we sailing in the ocean
proper equality activates controlled emotions, Love’

-Chorus repeat x1-

-Bridge [Deni Yanda]:

We’re lost within, You and I
You don’t know how it feels, You and I
baby I’m so into you, You and I
we’ll be straight till the end, You and I…You and I

Verse 3: [Deck, Deni Yanda]

yeah, yo, hey yo the rain pours and then my heart throbs
my mind is so filled with your thoughts (…You and I)
You and I from the depths of my soul
u got my heart and i want you to know (…You and I)
My mind still racing, pacy
I’m trying hard, check the prognosis (…You and I)
I’m giving you the whole of myself
loving you with every life in my breath, ki lo fe?! (You and I)

Outro: [Deck, Deni Yanda]

yeah yeah, what up? Love…
you know the deal, speaking in love language (You and I, baby)
that’s right, Mr. Deck (You and I)…
that’s right, take it away…yo yo’ 1,2 (You and I)

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