Event: Never Alone 2012

Date: 15th of December, 2012

Venue: 364A, Oloko Street, Off Daranijo Crescent, Behind Excellence Hotel,
Ogba Lagos.

Time: 10am prompt
Come with your friends and family and also with your donations.

People say, that great things come in small packages, well as we notice
the uprising; Eleshin Willams Dance Art Academy (EWDA) is one of those
EWDA is one of the dance academies that is definitely rising to the top as
they are set to launch this Christmas. Birthed from the vision of two
great minds (Ibukun Williams and Bunmi Eleshin), EWDA is looking forward
to rebranding, restructuring and rebuilding the art of Dance in Nigeria
and the world as a whole.
The idea came as a result of the heart these two young men have for
dancing and also for children. The Academy started in 2011 where they
taught dance mostly in secondary school and dance studios and have since
then been making waves all over the country.
EWDA academy is an academy centered on building and developing the minds
of children through dance and art and also passing down dance to the next
generation. They believe they can teach and affect a child’s ability to
think creatively, build up team spirit and also innovation. Also, they
believe dance will boost the children’s confidence, self esteem, teamwork
and also improve their brain coordination, assimilation and speed. They
are looking forward to using dance to increase the competitive edge of a
child as he or she strives to become better, by channeling their energy

EWDA offers genres of dance such as Hip-Hop, Salsa, Contemporary,
Traditional and modern and trending dance styles. Also dances like
foxtrot, tango, waltz are also coming along.

Not leaving the adults behind EWDA has a structure in place for adults who
are also interested in dancing and are ready to move and have fun. Also
structures are in place for couples who are about to walk down the aisle
and would love to add a little fun to their wedding as EWDA is ready to
teach the couple beautiful routines and also their friends and family who
are willing to join in.

On the 15th of December, EWDA is set to launch one of the most anticipated
Dance & Art Academies in the country. Fashion has “met” Charity, Music,
well music has “met” charity in so many ways, Comedy has “met” Charity,
and now, it’s time for Dance to “meet” Charity as EWDA incorporates to
make it a charitable event for the orphanage homes in Lagos.
The theme of the program is “Never Alone”, a Dance Charity Show featuring
the major dance crews and companies in Lagos and also renowned artists.
It’s a free event but your donations will earn you entry and will be
richly appreciated as all this will be going to charity.

This is one event you don’t want to miss as you will be part of making
history in adding the lives of our next generation of leaders.

It’s a whole new world, a whole new dawn and a new beginning for the art
as EWDA brings this beautiful event and World class academy to our

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