Nearly a year has passed since Zone Fam released their debut album “The Business (Foreign Exchange)”. Now under new management “Taurus Musik” – the group is set to further their name in the African continent and beyond.
Zone Fam is the biggest Hip Hop Group in Zambia. The group has four members; Dope G, Jay Rox, Yung Verbal and Thugga. One Channel O nomination and a Global Music Award for Best African group later the group brings you their latest single “Contolola” – their first under Taurus Musik
Contolola means “control” in Zambia. The song was composed to articulate a principle that Zone Fam live by: “To have control, dominate and influence your surroundings”.

They are currently working to release the video for this single. The video was shot in Kenya and features well-known personalities in the industry such as Wyre, Isis. 9Con, and DJ Kaytrixx.

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Contola Lyrics

Zone Fam
(Oh Yes x3)
We run tingz baby, we got this under contolol (laugh)
Contolola x4
Verse 1 (Jay Rox)
Ona chidunku ndalama tingo pokelela
Tipezeka na ma pin monga matebela
You can never phase dude
In your city we be home like we logged into Facebook
The hot boys evaporate
Got temperature, degrees like a graduate
Ni mulilo very little you can do
I enter city (Intercity) monga ndine Mazhandu
Ndine mbama kaleza ni gillette
I come to your town and I steal it
You hating you fail to believe it
And ra fisa rebline they feel it
Everywhere I go, they know me
Play my song so they show me
Feel my flaw, they call me
To kill the show so it’s on me
To hold your city then I Contolola
Conto Conto Con Contolola
To own your city then I Contolola
Conto Conto Con Contolola
Verse 2 (Thugga)
Na mwisa amolu but still pomo
If they’re comparing lyrics I kill your flaw
I come to your town like a thieving gardener, I roll up and steal your ‘hoe’
That’s why uli ka willow
Mwa chilamo ifikansa mule fwaika chemo
You’re fly? I’m a cloud higher
And even if you dress as Robin Williams you can’t ‘doubt fire’

[Chorus]into 4 bars break down of ‘Contolola’

Verse 3 (Yung Verbal)
Bopelo bochangitse mfana what them say
You can see son set like the end of the day
Steal your city and your girl by the end of the night
I mean I’m twice as fly like a connecting flight
Ball on a budget that ain’t part of the plan
So I yelled up the bucks like a pirates fan
Kale ri zula moditrateng its about that time
Gofedile underscore bottomline
Verse 4 (Dope G)
It’s the kids from the Zone Fam we rep Taurus when you hear the chorus jump
You can’t ignore us, no rest run tings like Forest Gump
(oh yes) One two three (oh yes)
We the people they want to be (oh yes)
Mu’auzhe na abale anu
Dope G nimakale wanu
To hold your city the I Contolola
Conto Conto Con Contolola
To own your city then I Contolola
Conto Conto Con Contolola
(Jay Rox) Ndine Mbama kalezi ni [Contolola]
(Thugga) I come to your town and I [Contolola]
(Dope G) You hating you fail to [Contolola]
(Yung Verbal) ra fisa rebline they feel it
Oh yes.. Oh yes (Zone Fam) Oh yes..
(Song ends)

Duncan M. Sodala
Zone Fam Manager

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