American based Nigerian entertainer Lee “aka” Mr.Flint (Lee Majorz) or as he was introduced on his new single “Bami jo” the “Nigerian Diddy”, is one of the few stars shining from Africa who represent the physically challenged. This star is confined to a wheelchair due to a motor vehicle accident in the late 90’s.

Before his accident Mr.Flint was just building his studio and getting all his artists
together. As a rehabilitation, Mr.Flint found skydiving and skiing as a form of
being free but really missed the music.

After a couple of movies and cameos under his belt, Mr.Flint decided to return to
music, his first love. That smooth Nigerian hip hop sound mixed with American
and African producers “The Best Of Both Worlds”, is the first taste of Nigeria’s
newest and probably one of the most influential entertainers to come out from

Mr.Flint is here. “The Best Of Both Worlds” is a mix-
Ture of American and African flavors with a production team of Mr.Flint, Sound Sultan, Lil prince ameen
Dennis Mitchell and Steev Awston Industries and Skill P. The first single off the album is
Called “Bami Jo” featuring Edrino the Don (a longtime friend and fellow musician).

9ja Diddy has a foundation for the handicapped
and represents the disabled and the Nigerians. Being American based and going back
and forth to Nigeria. He is really bringing you “The Best Of Both worlds”.


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