Created in 1999, “Baby Doll” is Yves Saint Laurent’s sweetheart scent. This rosy posie pink perfume is a hit with the younger crowd! Energetic fruit notes mesh with sweetened florals, and the effect is absolutely adorable. “Baby Doll” is flanked by “Baby Doll Magique”, “Baby Doll Sparkling”, “Baby Doll Candy Pink” and the most recent release “Baby Doll Honeymoon”.

YSL’s “Baby Doll” perfume is filled with grapefruit, red currant, rhubarb, rose, freesia, spices, peach, grenadine, and cedar. One squirt and the perfume expands into an energetic zing of grapefruit. The opening citrus bite is softened with tart red currant and rhubarb notes. Slowly the perfume turns slightly jammy, sweet and delicious as the notes of rose, freesia, pomegranate and spiced peach emerge. The soft base of cedar remains light, but warms this perfume to a level of sophistication.

Reviews of YSL “Baby Doll” all profess that this is a sweet, long-lasting, girly perfume.

Fresh, Fruity and Floral Notes of Baby Doll

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