I bring you a step-by-step guide to better-looking casual wear.

Rule 1: Fit is everything.

Bring a tailored aesthetic to even your most easy­going clothes to inject the sophistication of a more formal outfit.

Rule 2: Upgrade your casual staples to luxury class.

Relaxed shouldn’t mean cheap. For foolproof polish, invest in the best quality of everything.

Rule 3: Yes, you can look put-together in a sweatshirt—just make sure it’s posh and fitted.

Rule 4: Buy a pair of sumptuous brown oxfords and keep them meticulously polished.

Rule 5: A well-cut military jacket can make an elegant statement if it’s free of embellishments.

Rule 6: Upgrade your tote from canvas to leather for a look that’s as smart as your outfit.

Rule 7: Every man should purchase a chic, well-tailored navy wool blazer.

Rule 8: You must own at least one white dress shirt in thick cotton, with a structured spread collar that will keep its shape over time.

Rule 9: Get a sophisticated, dark denim shirt and try it with a deconstructed suit.

Rule 10: A buttery cashmere crewneck is a relaxed but upscale staple.

Rule 11: Lose the baggy khakis and stock up on soft, fitted chinos that taper slightly at the ankle.

Rule 12: A pair of minimalist sneakers stripped to their essence will sync with anything, even your dressiest outfits.

Rule 13: Pay attention to the details.

Master the little things (a shoe material, a shaving regimen) and even the most casual outfit will look pulled-together.

Rule 14: Don’t be afraid to wear in your clothes—the better the quality, the nicer they’ll become.

Rules 15-17: Three steps to stand-out personality:

Cuff your pants at the ankle (Rule 15) and wear socks in bold patterns like herringbone (Rule 16). Then add a cheerful dose of color with your shoes (Rule 17).

Rule 18:

Accent your wrists with subtle accessories—no more than two bracelets with a watch.

Rules 19-20: Your luxe-casual wardrobe is bigger than you think

For a smart pair of trousers, wear suit pants alone (Rule 19). Match with suede desert boots (Rule 20) that offer both luxury and comfort.

Rules 21-23: Personalize your ensemble with distinct touches:

An unexpected band-collar shirt (Rule 21); a fine-gauge cardigan (Rule 22); a soft-shouldered jacket (Rule 23) that dresses up your outfit.

Rules 24-27: The first thing people notice is your face.

Start with tortoiseshell shades (Rule 24). And never forget the grooming. A clean shave (Rule 25) and an even tan (Rule 26) define the man beneath the clothes. An open shirt (Rule 27) adds confidence.

Rule 28: Follow the Gospel of Gosling.

With his outfits and life philosophy in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ryan Gosling stood for one message: be the best possible version of yourself, and don’t settle. The actor has clearly taken that message to heart offscreen. Heed his example.

Rule 29: Take a page from the NBA’s fashion-forward superstars.

Follow the lead of Amar’e Stoudemire (pictured), LeBron James, and Chris Paul, whose unbuttoned dress shirts, stylish cardigans, and suits-with-sneakers approach exemplify elegant off-duty style.

Rule 30:

Forget the idea that clothes should most importantly be relaxed or comfortable. Your mother can provide comfort, your clothes should make you look good!

Be classy, be stylish!

Happy Sunday!

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