This season’s nail polishes are making their big debut and they’re the raddest of the rad. I was having a hard time choosing between all of these fresh new nail trends, so I asked some of our fave nail pros to break it down for PassionistaHub. Here, they share their top polish picks for the shades that are going to be everywhere this spring.

“2012 is all about the color green. There’s something really special about it, so you’re going to see a lot of it. Unlike last season, where we saw tons of hunter hues, spring’s iteration is pretty pistachio. Look for polishes that have creamy undertones and lots of opacity — you want the color to really stand out on your nails.

Blame Pantone and 2012’s color of the season, Tangerine Tango, for all the bright orange nails you’re going to be seeing this year. Offbeat orange and retro mod brights straight out of the swinging ’60s [will be big for 2012]. Orange will be a big color for next year, and bright corals (orange with red pigment) will also be popular.

Glitter gets an update for spring with new shapes, colors, and sizes of sparkles. The glitter craze is continuing, but will be transforming into new variations — the latest versions are 3D holographics, but shiny shimmers still continue to rule.

Ditch your highlighter hues and try a new kind of bright. This isn’t old-school, ’80s neon, it’s a grown-up, modern interpretation; the result of a neon mixed with pure white pigment to create a beautiful, pulled-back look. This is an evolution of neon — still bright and in the same color family, but more sophisticated and subdued.

Mannequin nails make their return this spring, but this time around, the focus is on matching your skin tone, not making your nails look like a Barbie doll’s. Beige is the new sheer pink and its popularity is rising. Nude nails give the illusion of skin continuing and really lengthen your finger — it feels modern. We’re shifting to warmer, foundation-inspired hues because who doesn’t love the idea of never-ending skin? Skin has become so important to our culture — we’re always after that glowing, dewy, gorgeous effect.

Feeling blue? Your nails sure are: Shades of blue will rule your digits all year-long. Different hues of blue — baby blue, turquoise, and navy — will be big this spring. It will definitely be a lasting trend seen into fall as well.

Pastels don’t have to be tea-party twee — the latest dreamy shades are actually quite chic and sophisticated, provided you stay away from clichés like cotton-candy pink. Think more along the lines of pistachio green and butter yellow. I’m seeing a move toward this color palette for spring — taking a fun, light-hearted, youthful trend and translating it into a more high-fashion look.

Demure nails these are not: Hot pink and fuchsia replace light pink as the go-to girly shade of the season. Expect to see versions with contrasting glitter, pearlescent undertones, and straight-up opaques for a bold, edgy finish with just the right amount of femininity.

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