We just entered 2012 and I’m pretty sure you all ladies out there want to have a new touch on your wardrobe which is going to make your mood and lift up your self-esteem since spring is not far….

And spring demands from us to adopt a  look that is delicate, elegant, light, flowing, graceful, mysterious, yet bold, sexy, sensual, sophisticated, simple, colorful or  with flower prints.Without any doubt, this season can easily be declared the “dress season”.

After my small research on some of  the top designers collections for spring 2012, here are my picks for you!

Giorgio Armani

There is a special, pure delicacy and a glossy sophistication expressed by this attention-grabbing dress. With an animal print touch and a beautiful silk ribbon in the middle, it simply screams elegance, sexiness and a red-carpet worthy style!

Emilio Pucci 

 A shirt on top and a long skirt on bottom that blend perfectly with each other. Influenced by the decay of 70’s, with a pink,white and orange floral pattern.

Emilio Pucci

I recommend this to ladies with killer legs!

Marc Jacobs

A baby blue colour dress with flower details on it……strictly for the romantic ones!

Salvatore Ferragamo

A moonstone blue coloured dress with a simple cut and light airy fabric!

Makes you look like an ancient Greek godess!

Oscar de la Renta

Mono-colored vivid green dress inspired from Picasso!

Donna Karan

Satin v-neck red dress, a “must have” in your closet!


A black one shoulder dress with romantic ribbon details.

You do not need to wear a necklace beacause that would be an exaggeration. Simply let the plain style.

Alexander McQueen
Aristocracy and unique design patterns prove to be the secret weapon of the Alexander McQueen atelier to immortalize the series of collections!

Just remember that minimalism is the ultimate buzzword to consider when you skim through the myriad of looks. There’s no need to challenge the classy style rules in order to look great.

I wish you all a happy and fruitful new year!

Be classy, be you!!!

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