I am Nansy MrsHustle, Founder/Owner/C.E.O of mrshustle.com.

MrsHustle™  (mrshustle.com is an international fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment website based in Nigeria and Greece, which was established in 2012.

MrsHustle™ aims to keep people updated with the latest fashion trends, give them style and beauty tips, inform them about upcoming events, latest music releases (audio and video), celebs, lifestyle and entertainment news. MrsHustle™ also aims to provide a platform for models, designers (upcoming or established) and fashion houses to promote their designs, brands and their establishments. MrsHustle™ already has embarked on revolutionizing the Fashion and Entertainment industry by further bridging the gap between Nigeria, Africa and their international counterparts worldwide.

Placing your product(s) on mrshustle.com is important. Being one of the fastest growing websites that enjoys steady traffic,  MrsHustle™ is simply where product placements get seen. So long as that product falls under one or two of the categories under listed, you’re good to go!

I’ll welcome exclusive products from Mobile Technology, Banking, Aviation, Telecoms, Oil and Gas companies. Please note, it’ll be ideal for us to have details of your web link as this will be attached to your product so that it redirects people to your website where they can read more about the product. Where you don’t have a website, MrsHustle™ can design some ad board (at a cost) where contact details like phone numbers and/or email address will be stated therein. But note that your product(s) must be in one of the under listed categories.

1. Fashion Category:

a) Accessories: (eg. bags, belts, shoes, shades, ties, jewelry and anything that accessorizes an outfit).

b) Beauty: (eg. fragrances, beauty products, skincare products, make-up products and lingerie).

c) ManStyle: (eg. suits, shirts and any distinctive male-oriented products).

d) Events: (this is strictly for upcoming fashion related events like runway shows, awards, fashion parties and launch of a new magazine, fashion house, clothing line or beauty product). 

2. Non-Fashion Category: 

a) Mobiletelecomsbanking, aviationoil and gas companies (For instance, Nokia, MTN, GTBank, Arik, Oando PLC, etc. could place products for awareness on the site).

b) Restaurantshotels, clubsmallscinemas and any other kind of entertainment place.

c) Websites, blogs, newspapers and magazines (online or printed).

d) Events: any kind of upcoming events.

The above non-fashion categories refer to companies who may want to place a youth-oriented product or create awareness.

Any company in this category enjoys exclusive placement.


I have a reliable and socially widespread team of fashion writers, make-up artists, stylists, graphic designers and PR gurus at mrshustle.com

These individuals may advise on prospects on the placed product on the site.
Feel free to write me:

Email: mrshustledotcom@gmail.com

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