Soul Scrollz Tell Em My Story

Emperaw Music presents rapper, singer, songwriter, spoken word act and instrumentalist, Soul Scrollz, with his new single, titled ‘Tell Em’ My Story’, produced by Emperaw Beatz. This is the fourth single off his forthcoming album called ‘Eclectiquette’.

About ‘Tell Em’ My Story’:

After about 3 solid years of working on his debut forthcoming album titled ‘Eclectiquette’ and few released singles like ‘Suitcase’, ‘What’s In Your Hands’ and ‘2016’, Soul Scrollz finally drops the introductory track to his album, titled ‘Tell Em’ My Story’. The musician claims that after recording over 50 songs….most of his inspiration comes randomly. He doesn’t need to stress to write or compose music and therefore refuses to take credit for his work. This amazing Trap/HipHop/R&B/Gospel song produced by his brother as well as label mate “Emperaw Beatz” is a reminder that his life, successful completion of the album, and projects yet to be unraveled are all as a result of God’s grace!
About Soul Scrollz:

Soul Scrollz is a rapper, singer, songwriter, spoken word act and instrumentalist. He prides himself in his ability to be versatile with rap and singing on different genres of music which is where he got his stage name from (Soul because of his style of singing, and Scrollz because of his intelligence and rap style). He released his first singles, titled ‘Give it to me’ and ‘Iwolomo’ as part of a dynamic rap duo (D’Royals) in 2010 featuring Sheyman and since then began work as an individual act with known acts including Capital Femi, Saeon and underground producers/artists including Charlie X, Geega, 4diesel, Andy King, 2Scarce, Enigma, LFR (La Familia Royale) and a few others. In 2013, he dropped a single, titled ‘TGT’ feat. Pyro Dunamo, Rishiko Black, and Lord Suave and later had the video shot by Sesan and released on youtube in 2014.

He was the voice for Monster Muzik (Star FM 101.5) radio program and hosted a poetry/spoken word program for children ‘Vivid Verses’ as well as featured on the radio edition that airs on Metro 97.7FM every Saturday at 10:45am.

Currently wrapping up his debut album, titled ‘Eclectiquette’, Scrollz hopes to showcase to the industry his versatility and his way of merging his experiences in music while living in Toronto, Canada with the Nigerian Sound cutting across Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and few other genres… He is definitely an act to watch out for!!!

Connect with Soul Scrollz:

Twitter: @SoulScrollz | @ emperawmusic 
Instagram: @soulscrollz 
Facebook: Soul Scrollz Muzik 
HulkShare: Soul Scrollz 
SoundCloud: Soul Scrollz



Blessings on blessings on blessings
Gotta thank Him
Blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings

(sing) Not here to compete with nobody
I’m just concerned about making my money
Baba God know say I’ll give Him the glory
Give Him the glory
Give Him the glory

If I done do you wrong before I am so sorry
I’m just a man, made mistakes I was growing
Not in this game for fame or for blowing
Gotta tell em’ my story
Tell em’ my story


Mmm As I tell em’ my story
Give Him the glory
Give Him the glorray

Mmmm God I give You the glory
Give You the glory
As I tell em’ my story


(sing) Everybody carry their own
For me it’s only God I know
That I can trust wont do me no wrong

Walk through the streets of Las Gidi oh
And I hear them singing my song
Although I really want my dough
Gotta make sure they all know


(Rap) No be my power and no be my talent
I fear no man but for God I dobale (2X)

I fear no man but for God I dobale

(rap) So fun won pe mo ti de be
Soul Scrollz gotta stay there
Also planning to make heaven with my real friends cuz I’ve faced hell
As the 1st son with my dad gone
Only with You I’m the safest
And I’m still here
Drop song dem dey still fear
While I keep praying (aah)

From Toronto, Canada back in Nigeria tryna make millions
Years in the lab, my album is banging I’m ready to finish dem
Emperaw on the beat, Andy King in the building, I’m still with my team and dem
Still with the team and dem
We moving with speed again

(repeat Hook)


Blessings for taking the time out to listen to this
Just trying to be diverse and
Troubles came in different ways and we overcame
Gotta give Him the glory

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