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We are in a spiritual mood, a mood where everyone takes stocks and records of events in the making, or events already made. I for one decided not to entertain any urge for outing or visitations, (forgetting that I wasn’t a muslim, neither was I attending any mosque activities). I prefered to be indoors and reflect on the teachings of Eid-El Maburaq and its tolerance techniques of living in peace one with another. Sadly, I also read in the dailies, how many have resorted to speaking from prepared speeches, goodwill messages being read out to sound right and diplomatic. I watched the news on television and a lot of people, clerics, politicians, elder statesmen, re-echoed the teachings of others.

Animals in Islamic Clothing. “ALLAH BE PRAISED”:

“I realized many muslim faithfuls bluntly refused to make mention of the few animals in Islamic clothing, these animals had tongues that praised Allah against Allah’s wishes, animals who pose as human beings, they derive joy and acquire a sense of leadership by virtue of being murderers, men who chant “Allah wak baru”, (sorry if I got the phrase wrong)they beat women, helpless women, then slit their throats, twist the head round the lifeless body and then severe it fully from its body, this the Englishman will call dismemberment, or beheading, something I call murder in the name of “Allah”.

My non muslim friends were very worried, but those who practice Islam were infuriated, they did everything to dissuade me from putting pen to paper, they argued that those who killed people in whatever name were not muslims, they said the religion known as Islam was and will always be a religion of peace. They went further to state that those killers or jihadists were not practical Islamists, but I begged to differ, I watched a gruesome video, a video that has further changed my perspective of the religion, a religion of peace is that which tolerates other religious bodies, after all, Islam was not the first religion, neither would it be the last.
Before I continue, let us look deeper into the birth of Islam, then we can relate it with the atrocities of todays messengers of death, and finally, we should ask ourselves sincerely, if this new habit of killings in the name of Allah is truly worth keeping mute and being quiet about, rather than condemning the barbarians in the midst of human beings.


Islam has one prophet, a man born in Mecca with humble origins, his name is Muhammad, he married a wealthy widow at 25years old and lived the next 15 years as an unremarked merchant. In 610, in a cave in Mount Hira north of Mecca, he had a vision where he heard from God, ‘history has it that God spoke through angel Gabriel’, there he was commanded to become the Arab prophet of the “true religion.” Thus began a lifetime of religious revelations, which he and others collected as the Qur’ran. These revelations provided the foundation for the Islamic religion. Muhammad regarded himself as the last prophet of the ‘Judaic-Christian’ tradition, and he adopted the theology of these older religions while introducing new doctrines. His inspired teachings also brought unity to the Bedouin tribesmen of Arabia, an event that had sweeping consequences for the rest of the world. History has it that Muhammad fled Mecca to Medina to avoid being assassinated by the city’s authorities who were more interested in preserving the pagan status of the City of Mecca at that time, Medina is a city of about 200 miles from Mecca. In Medina, he was given a position of considerable political power. At Medina, he built a theocratic state and administered a rapidly growing empire. In 629, Muhammad returned to Mecca as a conqueror. During the next two and half years, numerous disparate Arab tribes converted to his religion. By his death on June 8, 632, he was the effective ruler of all Southern Arabia, and his missionaries, or legates, were active in the Eastern Empire of Persia and Ethiopia. 

With this little history, Muhammad was an evangelist, a man who recognized older religions, and even borrowed a few theological directions and insights from the older religious bodies to actualize the vision he received in Mount Hira, to lead men to salvation and not to end the lives of innocent children whose crimes is obeying their parents and going to school, men whose crimes simply can be said to be their choice of being Christians. I want to remind those who have remained silent that Islam came into being like every other religion on the planet, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam all came into being and one should not sought the extinction of the other. At a time we reflect on issues bothering our fragile nation, men who have voice should echo the truth and not play politics. A former house of representatives member, Dino Melaye, should have enjoined all muslims to be steadfast and patient, but in his message through the Facebook social network, he sought to rubbish the G.E.J government by using the phrase “Sallah without salary,” rather than talking about Sallah without salary by Hon. Dino whom I respect very well, or governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger state who was talking of peace and nation building (while he fights to destroy the relative peace in the nation with his G7 colleagues), don’t misunderstand my stand on the battle for the soul of the ruling party in our very gigantic country, but the facts are still very much clearer now that the battle was borne out of jealousy, arrogance and insensitivity from a few, to a planned lot, preaching about a greener pasture that even a few of the chieftains of the dirty unplanned group themselves failed to tackle when they handled major powerful positions and many also enjoy juicy positions today without anything to show for it. Rather than all the Imams feigning ignorance and preaching peace and unity, without pointing fingers on the perpetrators of atrocious inhumane actions committed in Nigeria against Nigerians by a sect, a sect who brand themselves as messengers of Allah. They have all tried to deceive themselves and preach what they’ll never practice.  Rather than deceiving themselves, let them talk about Sallah without loved ones, loved ones brutally murdered in cold blood, loved ones murdered in the name of the religion, Islam. Let them talk about the fact that people like former military ruler IBB,  Governor Babangida Aliyu, CBN governor Lamido Sanusi Lamido and many more Muslims stretching all around Nigeria, all refused to rebuke the BOKO HARAM scourge. A scourge that is very well believed to be very political and anti people, an Anti human rights movement, Anti development for our already cracked egg-like country called Nigeria. [Constructive criticism builds constructively].

Rub and Shine Nigeria:

We are tired of the “rub and shine” system of leadership, not from the government, but from the elder statesmen, for they are the pillars of true democracy. We are watching, today is Sallah and Nigerians are not getting reports of bomb blasts or archaic mental system of murder from a set of miscreants to a few peace-loving Nigerians, we are watching as our muslim brothers and sisters gather without fear of being attacked by any other religion. I hope we won’t have to witness another “Christmas bombing”, I hope never again in Nigeria’s history, that we don’t record another attack on Christians who gather to worship God in their own time of celebrations in Nigeria. I hope and pray that respected elder statemen, especially those from Northern Nigeria, can find their voices in due time. “I wish on a day like this, men like former vice president Atiku Abubakar should have found voice to speak and declare love for Christians whom on their own, have met wickedness from so-called muslim faithfuls who use every little opportunity to shed innocent christian blood at will. I hope for many things, but the most is that it’s time to call a spade, a spade. Any muslim elite in today’s Nigeria who refused to make mention of the scourge is either ‘afraid, or in solidarity with the blood thirsty set of barbarians and the chaos being witnessed in Nigeria.”

Happy Eid-Mubarak, I hope this occasion will not cost anyone bloodshed, rather,  may it be a reference point for peace and development with a sincere spirit of religious tolerance in Nigeria.

Onu Henry Chidi

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