By Onu Henry Chidi


Good day Mr. President, compliments of the season. I write this very short letter to bring to your notice the worries of the citizens of “Obodo Nigeria” home and abroad.

Sir, it’s no news anymore about how you wasted so much time in declaring a state of emergency in three states of Northern Nigeria as a measure of curbing and if possible squashing elements of violence, and threat of insurgency in this unpeaceful country of ours, some say we have degenerated into a space of disunited tribes been forced to speak an unfriendly language, “UNITY”. We have also tried to deceive the world and portray ‘a lie’ in the sense of making our country look like we have no issues with our economic productivity through stable electricity to boost growth and standardise living conditions, nor the fact we need to go on a round table and discuss urgent matters like a sincere and transparent “National Reconciliation Summit”, though after the macabre dance of the well-respected Farouk Lawan and his fellow dance troupe, the word “transparency ” has nothing to add to the Nigerian vocabulary, rather its being established that your government and that of the past have always thought Nigerians as only to wish nor solicit for “egunje” as a solution to major challenges.

Take for instance the ASUU strike palava, while we answer Africa’s Most Populous Nation, our tertiary institutions are on lock down, it took lots of embarrassment for you to order for the disbursements of billions of cash which is their entitlement at the first place,   should we talk about the “Niger Delta Resource Control” which resulted to violent arms struggle, and boiled down to amnesty for a few and suffering to the rest which eventually are the majority, totally ignoring the aim of the struggle and its solutions, now that the young have grown, the arms struggle is restrategizing due to ignorance from the side of the government to deal with the real issues of community development and securing the future of the Niger Deltans and the South South in general, rather than stupendous enrichment of a few militants, though only time will tell the outcome.

Take a look at the Boko Haram Insurgents,  rather than fight back, you resorted to cheap avenues of extending a hand through another hurriedly and unplanned amnesty, all in the name of finding a peaceful solution, but fortunately for millions oppressed by this gang of rogues and killers, it took the embarrassment of your government to start the fight. Now we are seeing a lot of disgusting revelatory facts through eagle-eyed Nigerian Army experts combing the northern parts of our dear Nigeria, latest being the exposure and involvement of foreigners in our land, Lebanese business men have now proven to pose the real threats to our unstable democracy. ‘The Amigo Revelation’, though the business looks great,  truth is that we don’t know how deep the monies being spent in their stores by Nigerians in Abuja has helped in funding their nefarious activities against same Nigerians, yet it’s almost 10 weeks and you still don’t feel you should stand up straight and take full control of your country. The country we voted for you to rule justly? I for one, rallied support for you, travelled round Nigeria for you, campaigned for you, voted for you, yet I feel I made a huge mistake “thank God it’s just a feeling”.

But remember that day in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, eagle square to be precise, though we ran around jubiliating and singing your chorus, we did it in serious cold fear, fear of attacks from MEND, (originators of bomb blasts in Nigeria). The thoughts of bomb blasts kept us all on our feet, yet we stayed strong and glued by your side till the end. And at the end when your over zealous security aides whisked you away from prying eyes, it was still I and my team who stayed back and cleaned up the mess left behind the venue, and still looked forward to another venue where the fear waited patiently. I voted for “Fresh Air”, but all I inhale is “gun powder”.

Mr. President, with all due respect! I call on you now to exercise yet more powers that have been prescribed for you in the Nigerian Constitution, I urge you to be more decisive with the fight against sectarian violence sweeping through Nigeria, the crippled universities, non-existence of healthcare, and ignorance of the ruler from the ruled, the pogrom perpetuated against a particular race for no just course in the past is yet to be forgotten, and if I may suggest, arrest everybody involved in terrorism, gun running business and sponsorship of Boko Haram in particular, shut down their businesses starting from Amigo Supermarket and Abuja Wonderland Park. Warn all elder statesmen to desist from inflammatory statements, and I for one must also use this opportunity to rebuff and rebuke the world record holder of the highest attempts of running elections to rule a country, the general from Kaura, to desist from making unguided statements, the fight against a sect characterized with violence can never be a fight against northern Nigeria, afterall, the sweat of innocent men were taken by force from them and in exchange, £20 was all they were left to survive with, was that a fight against citizens of Mars?

Mr. President, if you can start the fight now, then we can start campaigning all over again for you for 2015, but if it turns to a “siddon look” affair as is always the case, maybe we (awakened masses), can also start making preparations for a total change. And remember, we did it for you, we can also do it for Hon. Dino Melaye, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Chief Orji Uzo Kalu. The voice of the people is the voice of God!

Finally Mr. President,  remember, nothing is impossible, one constant thing in life is change, that change we are waiting for is here, we are the same ones to make that change, and remember,”YES WE CAN”.

Your humble subject.

Onu Henry Chidi


Onu Henry Chidi

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