The Courier” is a Nigerian blockbuster Action-Drama produced for healthy communities without drugs. “The Courier” starring notable and recognizable names and faces in Nollywood: Ramsey Noah, Joseph Benjamin, Ada Ameh, Saidi Balogun and other casts. Written and produced by Moradeke Awe for Just distinguish entertainment, directed by Saidi Balogun, Executive Producer Adekoya A. “Lineo” for Dengit House Productions. The movie premiers today at Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja City Mall, Alausa Ikeja.

“The Courier” is a movie based on drugs and its effects on life.
It was written with the intention of bringing to our attention this scourge in our society and also exposes its effects as it that has eaten deeply into the essence of nations the world over.
The story is based in Nigeria and centers around a young girl who in hopes of leading a more affluent life is drawn into the dangerous and seedy world of drug peddling, which eventually almost ruins her life.
The Courier employs a lot of different factors like love, hate, trust, distrust, suspense, drama and loads of life teachings in telling its story every individual has something to gain from this movie. Our parents have a lot to become conscious of, our children a lot to teach, our government a lot to realize.
“The Courier” is not just a movie; it’s a lesson, a teaching, guidance and a most of all a cry for help. Let’s all work together to break the hold of this disease.”The Courier” is an awakening to the hardship of life.
The battle against drug abuse and illicit trafficking in Nigeria is indeed a total responsibility of all and sundry. It therefore beholds on all members of the society to join force with government and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency to stamp out drug abuse and trafficking. That way, Nigeria will have a society devoid of all forms of drugs and trafficking. 
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