Underwear plays a big role in our everyday attire. Because we are all proportioned differently, your underwear can make or break your outfit choice. Your outer garments make the first impression, but your underwear definitely makes the final impression. Your panties have a hidden message and can reveal a lot about your character. Let’s explore the naughty truth!

Lace panties

Show an elegant and sophisticated side. You’ll feel extra sexy with these on under your business suit.


Escaping the “dental floss” route, but still wanting a little coverage. Your peek-a-boo underwear show off butt-cleavage and accentuate those squats that you’ve been doing.


Something about the “dental floss” turns you on or either you just hate pantie lines. You feel great about your shape and you want to show your guy your frisky side.

Bikini Briefs

“Granny Panties”, totally could care less about being sexy, it’s that time of the month and you’re in chill mode.

Boy Shorts

It’s all about being comfortable.

It’s safe to say that we choose our panties according to our mood, but no matter what, at the end of the day, it’s important to choose the pair that makes you feel comfortable, and most of all BEAUTIFUL!


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