Spots And Spots: Start seeing double by combining polka dots with a leopard print. Just make sure the two are in contrasting hues, and you’re good to go!

Sweatshirts And Blush Tones: The favorite weekend look involves the softest gray sweatshirt and skinny, pale-pink drainpipes with pumps. It’s a ladylike combo that soothes.

Wallpaper Florals And Leather: The trusty ol’ naughty-and-nice combo reinvents itself for this season with graphic yet subdued floral prints tempered by a serving of leather. I love how this demure blouse looks with a pair of teeny leather shorts.

Iridescent Sheers And Pastels: Shimmery pastels in a slight sheer might make you think of play-school dress-up gowns, but served up with badass eye makeup and contrasting accents, this look is utterly modern.

So ladies, do you like the above combos? Would you try any of them?

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